photo gallery of the rnc protests - kottke.org
communists for kerry? well, i'm sure he'll need all the help that he can get.

how long can the country stay scared? - schneier.com
i'm sure we'll at least be scared right up until november 2. what's even more scary is what will happen that day.

an enormous waste of money - schneier.com
man, this guy ain't half bad. he knows what he's talking about; just check his credentials.

maybe i'm getting too political. that's seemingly all i've been reading lately. well, that and how to design css layouts for my big, bad beautiful blogs. i've clearly been reading a lot about music and the end of my favorite band, phish. the end of an era for me. i guess this means i need to stop seeing concerts (edit: no!), start exercising (edit: probably, but still no!), and start saving money. "WHAT!?!?!?" shouts 'lil jon.

by the way, what i watched of the mtv video music awards, was absolute garbage. the age old question now becomes; is this becoming worse or am i simply getting older? i used to LOVE these events. i always thought they were funny and had some of the best musical performances of the year. now, they're absolute garbage. i can't even write any more on the subject. there's nothing good to write about it. it's insane.


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