well, after much thought, i've decided to keep my eggs spread between different baskets. i will be working as hard as possible to get these blogs going. right now, i've got the config setup for the leftorium. i'll probably start updating this blog at some point in the future, but i definitely like the domain and i wanted to register it before it got snatched. after all, theleftorium.com is much better than theleftorium.usa, or whatever it could be called. i'm actually really excited about the live music blog, probaby more so than any of my ex-web hobbies (no, not porn). i'm working to recruit whoever's interested (and whoever can think they can post a couple times a week) to add content to the site. my dream would really be to rival that of jambands.com or jambase.com, but with content from all over the musical spectrum. i'd definitely like to start getting more content on there. i know i keep posting this, but i definitely want (and need) some help. email me if you're interested.

anyways, i thought i would ask for some input on the new site layout, etc. what do you think of the colors? lime green too limey for you? [edit: follow the link, not a bad movie, but i didn't see the entire 100% of it].

point of my story is, i've registered the domain of melodytofunkytown.com. i will be transferring this site over to the new address within the next week or so. everyone will need to update their bookmarks. this will allow me to have more flexibility on the site and to post some google ads (as seen on the live music blog and about every other webpage currently being published - i love how unobtrusive they are). at any rate, click on them to help me pay for the web hosting.

hope everyone is having fun doing their own thing. i miss all my friends spread out across the globe (otherwise known as the u.s., although i do have one friend that's NOT currently living in the continental u.s.)


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