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so, this guy is documenting hurricane charley. "it looks like a storm ripped through here". so is everyone and their brother (click here, here, and here).

well, i will say it. i shall document one of the worst natural disasters as predicted by myself: winter in chicago! some people says it's not that bad. i can assure you; it is. i shall blog the horror and the mayhem associated with this, including but not limited to: salt gnarl, snow, ice, snow, cta, snow, cold, natural gas bills, etc. etc.

seriously though, i can't believe my aunt decided to stay in naples, fl while all of this went on. i mean, would you try to run? or would you stick it out? i, for one, have no idea what i would have done if a hurricane was coming straight for my property. it is horrible the destruction that was caused and the loss of life seems to be growing every day. let's hope this doesn't happen to florida again this year.


Blogger katie said...

is it salt knarl or salt gnarl. in my opinion, it should be spelled "g-n-a arl g-n-i-n-s"

9:58 AM  
Blogger Justin said...

good catch. worst...proof reader...ever...

10:21 AM  

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