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so, this missed my aunt's condo in naples, fl by about twenty five miles north. i have to say that i was really worried about her. this storm was huge.

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so how is everybody doing in blogland? i mean, in illinois? the retro on roscoe festival was this past weekend in chicago. it had the potential to be a good festival; from my view, it was a huge sausage fest similar to anything i would have seen at illinois state university. although, when this occurs in chicago, it's more professional and older sausages. needless to say, i stayed for about fifteen minutes. two minutes of which was spent watching mr. blotto, ten minutes was spent walking two blocks between the sausages, and the remaining three minutes was spent watching liquid soul. it sucked. i went home to listen to the broken internet stream of the last phish show ever. i didn't think that it would affect me the way it did, but i felt really weird all weekend. they've made such a positive impact in my life, considering how they (plus the scene in general) turned me on to an entirely new genre of music (hence, the live music blog). hopefully, they actually DO make this up to the fans (read below)


Blogger katie said...

that's sweet you actually found a slang definition of "sausage fest". that was one of my favorite terms at isu :)

3:00 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

sausage fest = not the kind of street festival that you want to attend. except for the time that i went to market days to see rollo tomasi. "now that's my kind of sausage fest," says anonymous gay man.

8:44 PM  

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