bikes against bush creator was arrested for vandalizing with water-soluble paint
so, this is the beginning of the facism we're likely going to see this week.

mo' balance - airbag industries
scary statistics (maybe not the full story) ; see outfoxed

cloud gate sculpture - chicago snapshot
why have i not gone yet? oh, now i remember. it's insanely touristy and i don't like to travel down to the loop on the weekend to be reminded of my lame week at work.

the protesters are coming... - the guardian
i'm thinking that this convention could get nasty. let's hope kerry can come out the other side smelling like roses.

science over religion; ipod over free ipod

there's a short clip of so of what i read. i like the way i've seen other people write on their blogs. plus, i'm really not a writer by heart. i'm learning. i'm trying. but i still suck at it. therefore, i won't write much. i'll let my reading and links reflect my true character.

there's a really great thing that will happen for me this week. the real question is how it will work out in the end. i have such a nervous anticipation. i don't know that i've ever liked this feeling. i equate this feeling to waiting in line at great america. a horrible, wonderful, nervous, excited feeling about what could possibly happen on a completely safe (but just doesn't seem safe) ride. i guess it's hard for me to explain. i'm also sure that most any reader has felt this same feeling.

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