barack obama dnc speech transcript

the news program i watched after this speech (because we accidentally missed it) talked about how barack obama would definitely have a good chance at a solid run for our first african-american president. obviously, this would happen after john kerry's second term. but, lest we forget about hillary clinton and the clinton's quest to rule the world. i can definitely see an interesting primary race in 2012 between obama and clinton.

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Blogger Brendan said...

The best about Obama is that the Illinois GOP has NOBODY to run against him. I mean, the original 11 finalists it was considering included a man whose main claim to fame is that he sports an 18th century-era powdered wing. A powdered wig for christs sake! And even of the two finalists, one is trying to live down gay-jokes she made at a party that may or may not have involved using a kaleidiscope as a prop.

On a more positive and serious note, this will be the first time two african americans supported by major parties will being running for a senate seat. It's about time....

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Blogger Justin said...

i'm reading the paper this morning and seeing that the gop in illinois is actually considering having allen keyes run. this is disturbing to me. have you ever heard this guy speak? he doesn't even live in illinois. irregardless, barack obama will wail him.

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