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hello all in blog land. i'm frequently updating the live music blog in order to get it looking professional. anyone that would like to contribute, please email me (my friends that like music; i'm staring at you). it's definitely not meant to only encompass jambands; that's just all i know right now. ideally, it would cover many genres (my friends that like other genres; i'm staring at you). let me know if you'd be interested in writing a couple posts a week. that's all that i ask. email me.

in totally unrelated news, check out this great interview of michael moore by bill o'reilly. too funny to watch in my opinion. i really do love what michael moore stands for right now. he's not backing down. i honestly think he's trying to do this for the greater good and i love the fact that bill o'reilly can't confront him directly on the issue.

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