al Qaeda loves beheadings

seriously, these guys love cutting heads off. Why? Why can't they just shoot the people? Or not kill them at all? I don't know if you have seen any video of these guys, but it is nasty. Jaw dropping. hopefully, this will make corporations want to pull out of the Middle East, but alas, most are not even flinching.

Good news is that Fahrenheit 9/11 comes out of Friday, June 25. It is going to be awesome. And speaking of awesome movies, go see "Napoleon Dynamite". The funniest movie I have seen in a very long time. Apparently it is only in six theatres nationwide, so maybe it will be hard to catch, but if it opens wider, GO SEE IT! I am telling you right now that you won't be disappointed. A very funny character trait, is that Napoleon doesn't curse. He gets really mad and says "heck, gosh, dang-it, flip, and flippin'". Unbelievable.


Blogger Justin said...

i'm definitely planning on seeing fahrenheit 9/11. i love all the contreversy surrounding the movie. he's gotten so much publicity and no one has ever even seen the movie. it's great. i just hope that the theater i go see it at doesn't get bombed by some republican.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

comedy: "bombed by a republican"

1:12 AM  

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