kill bill vol. 1 is a really good movie. i've heard people say the stupidest criticisms about the movie. ignore them all. rent this movie.

would anyone be interested if i tried to add an rss feed to the blog? rss is a new way to syndicate news over the internet using xml. i could add a feed to the blog, and we would get news updates whenever we visited here (instead of actually navigating to yahoo.com for news). leave your feedback if you care.

as i figure out if it would be feasible for us to visit bloomington-normal soon, i'd just rather say that people should come up here to visit us. want to hit a cubs game? come see us. want to see concerts? come see us. is that wrong? in all seriousness, i would like to go to central illinois soon. it's been a long time since i've been there. i'm sure it would be fun. except for all the tornados...

peace :)


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