Friends Physically Fighting

Flight Problems- I was flying back from Bloomington to LA. I left Bloom. at 6pm CST, and got home at 5am CST. This is too much travel time. My flight from O'Hare was cancelled, then I got put on standby for the next flight, which was forever later. I made it, luckily. Airlines can really piss you off sometimes.

BUT, while I was home for the wedding of a good, childhood friend (instead of a bad one), at the reception, everyone (but I) was very drunk. Fast forward a few minutes, and you have Bestman grabbing Groomsman 1's ass (and Groomsman 1's wife's ass) simultaneously. Groomsman 1 punches Bestman in the eye, splitting head open. Groomsman 2 and Usher 2 try to restrain Groomsman 1. Groomsman 1 punches (and cuts) Usher 2's face, and breaks nose of Groomsman 2. Usher 1 (me) watches on in disbelief, as "country" friends beat each other up at mutual friend's wedding. sweet.


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