for those of you not familiar with the tunes listed on the left side of the blog, please check umphrey's mcgee and sound tribe sector 9. i've been grooving to both of these bands for quite a while. umphrey's is playing dates all over the country pretty soon. plus, they're playing at bonnaroo. sound tribe sector 9 is just unbelievably amazing.

i am definitely still in the process of improving on this concept. supposedly, blogspot (our currently blog host) will be adding more features in the future for a small fee. personally, i think we can avoid that. does anyone have a good, reliable amount of web hosting space? does anyone have a domain that they're not using right now? there are some areas where you can upload pictures, but it would require us to use a different blog host. therefore, we would lose our posts, etc. and everyone would have to set up new usernames. and that would be lame...

gg rambler. peace.


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