Yesterday I went up to Alsip and the Wilhelm CD got mastered. I thought that finishing the project on the celebrated anniversary of the day Christ was executed had a certain poetical connotation (of which I do not know the meaning).

So now it's done and all that is left for me to do is layout the artwork and get it all to the reproduction guy in time for the APRIL 30th CD RELEASE PARTY SHOW. Which I am hoping all who can drive the distance will attend. Because this fucker was expensive. And we need to pay for it. I am starting to think this is way more expensive a hobby than fishing. Even with buying a boat.

Soon the Wilhelm website will have some songs up. There is only a front page now and no reason to go there. But I will blog to fill in anyone who may give a whipstich. Perhaps I can get a critique of the hasty and haphazard design.

I'd better figure out what the hell I am going to talk about on the radio today. Perhaps just a public service warning of "don't eat the easter eggs that have been in the yard all day."


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