Katie -

Grow my own food... make my own clothes... do my own dentistry... treat my own scurvy. My guess is that would severly suck. And cut into the tv watching time.

Most jobs that most people (who don't have connected relatives) get in their early twenties blow. The thing is, do those jobs get you anywhere else? Or are they just an unconnected series of activities? Given my choice, I'd rather not work at all. Because I am basically lazy. But at least I don't work for absolutely no money (as I have in past), for people who do not give a shit how good or bad of a job I do (as I have in the past; guess where?), destroy my nerves, work with people I hate (uh, hmmm...) or force me to do something I am morally against.

So I guess the hard part is to figure out what color your proverbial parachute might be and how hard you are willing to work and how small of a salary you are willing to accept. That's the hard part. But spend some time to figure out how to get there because you will most likely not open the paper one day and go "that's it!" You'll probably have to meander through something else you don't really want to do first.

And nobody ever said work was the way to anything but a paycheck anyway. The thing I like most about my job is that I hardly think about it when I am not there.



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